Featured Product of the Week: Spear Point Folding Knife

Are you looking for a new pocket knife? Brownings Spear-Point folding knife is highly versatile and will offer you years of use. The 3″ titanium blade offers maximum penetration with its spear-tipped design. It also offers dual thumb studs along … Read More

What to Actually Feed Ducks

  Last week, I was sitting out by the lake I live off of and a group of ducks went waddling past. Normally I don’t bother to feed them, but I had some chips I’d been snacking on, so I … Read More

A Brighter Way to Fish

  Fishing at night can be a whole new experience– even for seasoned fishers. But, if you go fishing at night, you will need not only a light to see while fishing, but a light to attract fish to the … Read More

Featured Product of the Week: The Camping Kitchen

If you’re really serious about camping, or have a big camping trip coming up, then it may be worth it for you to invest in a portable camper’s kitchen. This Easy-Set Camper’s Kitchen from Cabela’s makes it possible for you … Read More

Sale Alert: Danner Radical 452 Hiking Boots

Danner boots are known for their superior craftsmanship and reliability. These boots are worn by hunters, hikers, and those in the military or law enforcement. If you are looking for new hiking boots and want a pair that will last … Read More

Best Pumpkin Patches in the US

Now that October is full under way, you and your family are probably looking to buy this year’s pumpkin. If you are not planning to go to your local pumpkin patch (or just pick one up from your local grocery … Read More

Sale Alert: 180 Piece Fishing Kit

Are you in need of a new basic fishing kit? Or are you about to get a new fisher their first fishing kit? This week, Eagle Claw’s 180 Piece Fishing Kit is on sale. So, if you are looking for … Read More

Your New Favorite Fishing Shirt

When you’re about to spend a long day out on the water, you want to make sure you wear something comfortable but durable enough to handle the day. If you are looking for a new moisture-wicking shirt you can wear … Read More

Immune System Booster: Echinacea Tea

Now that cold and flu season is upon us, you may be trying anything and everything to not get sick. Aside from the obvious things like getting a flu shot and taking a lot of vitamins, there are a quite … Read More

Featured Product of the Week: Everyday Hoodie

Do you know what one of the best selling items on our site is? Surprisingly, it’s our USMC Hoodie.   This hoodie is only $24.99 and is versatile enough to be worn everyday while running errands but can still keep … Read More

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