What to Actually Feed Ducks


Last week, I was sitting out by the lake I live off of and a group of ducks went waddling past. Normally I don’t bother to feed them, but I had some chips I’d been snacking on, so I decided to throw them some.

I’d never really given any thought to what ducks should or shouldn’t be eating. But then again, even though I live on a lake, I’ve never really fed ducks.

I did some research and there seems to be conclusive evidence that feeding ducks bread is really bad for their health. In-fact, anything not natural (like my chips) is extremely bad for their heath. Which makes sense. It’s really a shame that we think that we are doing something kind by feeding the little animals around our home, but in actuality, if we are not feeding them properly, we are harming them.

But, there are a lot of foods you already have that you could be feeding ducks:

  • Corn (any kind, canned, hardened, or fresh!)
  • Grapes cut in half
  • Lettuce
  • Frozen Peas
  • Oats
  • Seeds

If you do decide to go feed ducks at a local pound or lake in your area, be sure that you’re feeding them something that is nutritious for them and that it’s something they were designed to eat.

Also– while this is hard to say and stick to, feeding wild animals isn’t always a good thing. When you feed animals, it prevents natural migration, can attract pests, spread diseases and lead to species overcrowding. So, be sure to take all of this into consideration before you decide to feed a duck or squirrel or anything around your neighborhood.

Until next time!

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