A Brighter Way to Fish


Fishing at night can be a whole new experience– even for seasoned fishers. But, if you go fishing at night, you will need not only a light to see while fishing, but a light to attract fish to the area around your boat.

One of the coolest experiences about fishing at night with a submersible light is that you set off a natural food-chain reaction. Submersible lighting systems are designed to attract zooplankton which in turn will attract larger bait fish, which will then attract predator fish like bass or walleyes. With the sportfish gathering near the circle of light to feed, all a fisher needs to do is drop in their own bait in order to make the catch.

The Quarrow NEBO Tools 90-LED Submersible Fishing Light features 90 LEDs which produce over 630 lumens of high- intensity illumination to brighten the area around your boat.

  • 90 individual LEDs
  • Over 630 lumens of high-intensity illumination. 9
  • Completely submersible
  • Impact-resistant
  • A 15′ cable and 15A protection fuse
  • Watertight rubber caps
  • 12 VDC battery clips

If you haven’t tried night fishing, you should put it on the list of things you and your family can do this weekend. Just make sure you have a light!

Happy Monday!

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