Sale Alert: Danner Radical 452 Hiking Boots

Danner boots are known for their superior craftsmanship and reliability. These boots are worn by hunters, hikers, and those in the military or law enforcement. If you are looking for new hiking boots and want a pair that will last for years and help you go that extra mile, you’ll want to take advantage of this seasonal sale.


Danner’s Radical 452 boots were designed to be lightweight but still able to offer protection and durability while hiking in various terrains. These boots have been crafted with both internal and external nylon shanks to help provide wearers with added stability. They were also designed with Danner’s signature polyurethane midsole which is soft enough to offer comfort but tough enough to maintain a high level of protection


  •  Trademarked GORE-TEX lining- makes these shoes 100% waterproof but still breathable
  •  Terra Force nylon- an internal and external lining that provides stability
  •  Polyurethane midsole- adds an extra layer of comfort while still maintaining a sturdy footplate


These boots are only $127.99 now. So be sure to get them before the sale goes off!

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