Bounty Hunter® Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter® Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector
  • Easy-to-read digital menu display
  • FeTone adjustable iron audio
  • V-Break variable-tone breakpoint
  • Ground Grab computerized ground balancing
  • Pinpoint mode with depth indicator
  • Variable notching

Easy-to-read digital menu displays partnered with Bounty Hunter’s premium metal-detecting componentry, the Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector will have you pinpointing buried metals in no time. FeTone™ adjustable iron audio and V-Break™ variable-tone breakpoint enhances the ability to distinguish trash from treasure. Ground Grab™ computerized ground balancing reduces margin for error. Pinpoint mode with depth indicator tells you exactly where to dig. Variable notching. 11″ DD search coil.

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Champion Dual-Fuel Generators 9375W
Champion Dual-Fuel Generators 9375W
  • Runs on either propane or gasoline
  • Three-function Intelligauge display
  • Sturdy tubular steel frame ensures lasting durability
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Earthquake Chipper/Shredder Accessories
Earthquake Chipper/Shredder Accessories

Turn your yard waste into compost or mulch with ease using Earthquake’s Chippers/Shredders.

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Extreme Blower Products Spreader and Feeder
Extreme Blower Products Spreader and Feeder
  • Spread seed, fertilizer, ice melt and more with your leaf blower
  • Polypropylene and steel construction for long-lasting use
  • Evenly disperses product

Turn your ordinary leaf blower into a tool that can spread seed, fertilizer, weed control, ice melt and more with the Extreme Blower Products Spreader and Feeder. It regulates the flow of granular material into any leaf-blower’s tube, allowing you to quickly and evenly disperse your product. Ventri creates specific airflow for optimum material dispersal. Adjustable flow gate uses stainless steel detents, ensuring accurate material flow. High-strength polypropylene and steel spreader base for long-lasting use. Requires a 1″ hole to be drilled in your blower’s tube. 1″ hole saw is included. Blower will not lose power due to the hole in the tube. Ventri keeps the hole sealed when not using the spreader on your blower. Leaf blower not included.

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Garrett® AT Pro Metal Detector
Garrett® AT Pro Metal Detector
  • Superior performance in a variety of environments
  • Weatherproof, submersible housing
  • Features help identify high-value targets
  • Able to detect small targets others might miss
  • Land-use headphones, manual and DVD included
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Garrett® Edge Digger
Garrett® Edge Digger

The Garrett Edge Digger hand shovel is made specifically for metal-detecting adventures. The 7.5″ carbon-steel blade with cutting-edge teeth tears into all types of soil. Creates uniform holes, and easily slices through small roots that come between you and your treasure. The handle offers a rubber grip and a thumb indention for a sure grip, and its nonslip blade guard keeps your fingers away from the Edge Digger’s blade. Includes a convenient, belt-mountable carry sheath.

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Garrett® Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer
Garrett® Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer
  • Patented audio and scraping blade to search through soil
  • Fast retune for precision pinpointing
  • Single-button operation
  • LED flashlight for low-light operation
  • Includes lanyard, belt holster and one 9-volt battery
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Gerber® NATO Folding Shovel
Gerber® NATO Folding Shovel
  • Lightweight, compact survival tool
  • NATO and U.S. military approved
  • Ideal for digging, picking and hoeing
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Goal Zero® Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit
Goal Zero® Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit
  • Safe and silent for indoor or outdoor use
  • Powerful 1,250-watt generator
  • Charges from two included solar panels in 20-24 hours
  • Provides power to multiple AC, DC and USB ports
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Kärcher 1,800-PSI Pressure Washer
Kärcher 1,800-PSI Pressure Washer
  • Delivers 1,800 psi, 35 times more pressure than a garden hose
  • High-output motor and self-priming, noncorrosive N-Cor pump
  • Removable onboard detergent tank provides added cleanup help
  • 25-ft. high-pressure garden hose attaches quickly for easy setup
  • Compatible with a variety of other pressure-washer accessories
  • Requires a 120-volt power supply for operation
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Oregon® CS300 Chainsaw
Oregon® CS300 Chainsaw
  • PowerSharp technology quickly sharpens the chain
  • PowerNow battery makes up to 400 2″ to 3″ cuts on a single charge
  • Four times quieter than a gas saw with no cords or gasoline
  • Brushless motor increases power and torque for fast cutting
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Snow Joe 18″ Electric Snow Blower
Snow Joe 18″ Electric Snow Blower
  • Moves up to 650-lbs. of snow per minute
  • Electric motor requires no gas, oil or tune-ups
  • Throws snow up to 20 ft.
The powerful 13.5-amp motor of Snow Joe’s 18″ Electric Snow Blower moves up to 650-lbs. of snow per minute, making it ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways. Requires no gas, oil or tune-ups so it’s effortless to start and maintain. Four-blade steel auger cuts 18″W x 10″D. 180° adjustable directional chute throws snow up to 20 ft. Compact wheels for easy maneuverability. EL approved.
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