Extreme Blower Products Spreader and Feeder


  • Spread seed, fertilizer, ice melt and more with your leaf blower
  • Polypropylene and steel construction for long-lasting use
  • Evenly disperses product

Turn your ordinary leaf blower into a tool that can spread seed, fertilizer, weed control, ice melt and more with the Extreme Blower Products Spreader and Feeder. It regulates the flow of granular material into any leaf-blower’s tube, allowing you to quickly and evenly disperse your product. Ventri creates specific airflow for optimum material dispersal. Adjustable flow gate uses stainless steel detents, ensuring accurate material flow. High-strength polypropylene and steel spreader base for long-lasting use. Requires a 1″ hole to be drilled in your blower’s tube. 1″ hole saw is included. Blower will not lose power due to the hole in the tube. Ventri keeps the hole sealed when not using the spreader on your blower. Leaf blower not included.


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