MSR Guardian Purifier


  • Winner of both Backpacker Magazine’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Award and Outside Magazine’s 2016 Gear of the Show Award
  • Unlike conventional hollow-fiber technology, the advanced medical-grade fibers in the Guardian block viruses—something most other hollow-fiber filters cannot do
  • Physically removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa and particulate, including hepatitis A, E. coli, giardia, cryptosporidium and more
  • Purifies 2.5 liters per min.
  • With every stroke, the purifier uses 10% of its water to flush the contaminants in its filter back into the source; this means you’ll never have to hassle with back-flushing
  • Rugged construction is designed to withstand freezing and drops up to 6 ft.

Your go-to purifier for backpacking trips and international travel, the Guardian physically removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa and dirt quickly and easily so you can get on with your adventure.



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