Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven


  • Combines compact size, portability and cooking power
  • Features stove-top cooking and a baking oven
  • Matchless ignition system
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Nonstick enamel cooking surface
This Camp Oven has just what every camp needs to enjoy superior eating in the outdoors – compact size, portability and raw cooking power. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The Outdoor Camp Oven features more than 14,000 total BTU of cooking energy. Twin burners and a spacious oven have plenty of power to get your cooking/baking done the way you like it, right there in camp. The unit uses a disposable 1-lb. propane tank, or it can be adapted to use a 20-lb. tank for increased cooking time. The range’s dual burners put out a whopping 5,300 BTU per burner. The oven heats at 3,000 BTU per hour with a maximum temperature of 400°F. Two oven racks allow you to cook your main meal and dessert at once. An oven thermometer helps keep heat constant and monitors your meal’s cooking progress. The matchless burner igniters mean you won’t have to fumble for a lighter or matches while in the field. The stove’s folding lid and carry handles were designed with portability in mind, so it’s easy to get into and out of camp. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion for years of cooking without problems. Nonstick enamel cooking surface makes cleaning swift and easy with just soap and water.


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